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Email Campaign Consulting


  • Email Template Design
  • Email Template Development
  • Software Consulting
  • Training

Working with a cumbersome process that took several days and multiple outside vendors, Baptist Health needed to be able to create and produce marketing emails quickly and efficiently. I was able show them how to bring the entire process in-house, resulting in a massive savings in time and expense.

I introduced the team at Baptist Health to new email design and template management software and designed a set of templates to get them up and running. After training the team on the new software and helping them implement new processes, their production time was reduced from several days to a few hours.

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Quotation Mark

Trevor gave us not just professional templates, but the entire process for creating these emails ourselves. What once took several days and multiple vendors now takes our in-house team just a few hours.

Celeise Awe

Online Reputation Manager, Baptist Health